How to Help ‘Chase the Chill’

What energizes me as an organizer is being of service to my clients AND the recipients of the items they donate. One of my clients is a knitter. and she’s been setting aside yarn to donate while organizing all of her knitting supplies and books. When I asked fellow organizers for suggestions on where to donate the yarn, one pointed me to a local chapter of “Chase the Chill.”

Chase the Chill chapters distribute scarves to those in need

The Facebook page for one chapter reads: “Our mission is to celebrate the art and beauty of hand knitting and crocheting, building community…and sharing with others. Chase the Chill is an annual event that distributes handmade scarves in public places so that those in need—regardless of income and without any qualifiers—can help themselves.”

The yarn we donated went to the Mount Vernon, VA, chapter. They usually do their “scarf storming” in December. They hang the scarves from trees and on bus stops in areas where low income and homeless people may congregate.

They have a Facebook page, as does the Chase the Chill DC chapter, should you want to donate yarn or knit or crochet scarves. There are also Facebook pages for other chapters scattered around the country, from Easton, PA to Redwood City, CA to Winnipeg, Canada.

Photo Courtesy of Denise Hayden,  Chase the Chill Mt. Vernon, VA

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