“Boutique” Dressing Room

Former home office is now a "boutique" dressing room

“Boutique” dressing room

This small sitting room next to the master bedroom had served as the husband’s home office for many years. But now that they finally had the entire bedroom level of this Columbia, MD, residence to themselves,  one of the vacated bedrooms became his office.

Now the wife could have the dressing room of her dreams.

She knew exactly what she wanted.  Adequate storage for her clothes and shoes, for one. But more than that, a feminine and glamorous space,  evocative of what one might see in a high-end boutique.

Once the room was stripped down, it was repainted and small crystal chandeliers replaced the recessed lights.  An Elfa closet system from The Container Store was installed on one wall plus inside the room’s sole closet.

Then came the fun part: styling the room. Shoes, handbags, jewelry, photos, figurines and more were added to put the wife’s stamp on the room. And it’s now her favorite place in the house.