Arlington Condo - Staged

Arlington condo, staged and ready to be sold


My clients became executors of an estate when their friend of 50+ years died not long after a cancer diagnosis.  My task(s):  Arranging for the appraisal and sale of all personal property, paying bills and closing accounts and preparing their friend’s three-bedroom luxury condo to be sold.

Client: Executors of an Arlington Estate

Client need: Basically, get rid of everything

Services provided:

Kitchen cabinets before


Arranged for the appraisal of a large collection of Native American jewelry, as well as art, furniture and other valuable collectibles/items


Sold valuable items via direct sale


Prepared, scheduled and hosted the estate sale


Repainted kitchen cabinets


Sold or donated the remaining items


Arranged for and project managed contractors on the refresh of the condo in preparation for sale


Created spreadsheets and kept copies of all bills, invoices, checks etc for required filings to the Virginia probate court