I was facing a move from a six-bedroom house in Virginia to a two-bedroom home in a retirement community in Maryland. I was overwhelmed and hardly knew where to begin! Jeanne was a Godsend! More than a helper,  she managed all aspects and stages of the entire effort by:

*Pleasantly, patiently, efficiently guiding me to make tough decisions as to what to keep and what to let go;
*Arranging for pickup of items and taking carloads of stuff herself to donation organizations;
*Helping me to price and sell furniture, decorative items and more through Craigslist, Ebay, an auction house and a two-day moving sale at my house.

Jeanne also designed the layout of my furniture in my new home after making the two-hour drive to inspect and plan the space. She oversaw moving-day activities, and after I moved she spent many days driving back and forth to help me unpack and organize my new living space. She even served as a capable handyperson, hanging pictures, installing shelving, hanging curtains and many other tasks.

She somehow made it fun! I never would have made it without her expert know-how and willingness to do whatever was needed.

–Carole, Westminster, MD

As I was preparing to sell my home and move, it became clear the sheer number and wide assortment of action steps required was beyond my capacity to manage alone. I realized I needed someone whose personal attributes and skill sets encompassed organization, interior design, project management, interpersonal savvy, task focus, both critical and creative thinking, patience and a good sense of humor. Thankfully, the Universe sent me Jeanne. With her leadership, network of contractors and realtors, budget-friendly shopping, visionary solutions, and diplomatically, yet firmly holding everyone (including me) accountable, several remodeling and renovation projects were completed; books, clothes, and other items were sorted for donation, discard or moving; household was packed and moved with zero breakage; home was beautifully staged and sold; and a seemingly insurmountable task was accomplished on time and within budget. Jeanne is a consummate professional who I highly recommend without hesitation or reservation.

–Larry, Atlanta, GA (formerly Silver Spring, MD)

Jeanne is amazing! As a real estate agent, working with sellers in preparing their home for sale, can sometimes be an arduous task, but Jeanne makes it looks effortless. She is hard working, supportive and highly efficient, characteristics that are paramount when assisting homeowners with the tough task of purging and organizing their belongings to boost their homes’ appeal.

Did I mention she’s a creative and talented designer too! In a recent home seller transaction, not only did she provide organizational services, but Jeanne and her team assisted the sellers in a master bath redesign, kitchen refresh, fixture/paint selections and provided light staging. Her knack for design and attention to detail transformed a lovely but dated colonial into an upgraded showplace. Not only did her talent, energy and positive focus take a lot of stress out of the home preparation experience, more importantly, my sellers achieved the sales price they desired.

Jeanne really goes above and beyond expectation, which gives my clients homes a competitive advantage. In addition to her professionalism and design skills, Jeanne’s just a great person to work with. I simply cannot recommend her enough!

–Roxanne Richardson, Washington D.C.

When I grew frustrated trying to prepare even the simplest of meals because my kitchen was so cluttered and disorganized, I reached out to Jeanne at Your Space Made to Order. Jeanne’s calm and focused demeanor was the perfect foil to my chaos. She quickly assessed my needs, along with my family’s, and helped us edit our kitchen tools, appliances and pantry essentials. Then she developed easy to maintain approaches to keeping order.  Jeanne also devised a clever solution for the random items that also require containment, giving us a “junk drawer” bin stored behind pantry doors that no guest will ever open by accident when searching for silverware. Jeanne’s methods hold up and deliver value long afters she’s completed her work. She’s given me back my joy of cooking and my home.
–Mireille, Columbia , MD.
I had a little over a month until the closing on my house and needed help with everything. In fact, I told her that I wanted her to make my move seamless on both ends.  She did all that and more. She found the movers I ended up hiring (they charged less than the ones recommended by my realtor), as well as a company to ship my dining room table to my daughter in Illinois. She even went with me to see the condos I was interested in while deciding which one to buy. Hiring Jeanne allowed me to concentrate on everything I needed to do to make my closings as smooth as possible. I love my new place, and as I keep telling her, I would not be here if not for her.  I highly recommend her to anyone considering a move or downsizing.
          –Henry, Olney, MD.

I am so grateful to Jeanne for helping to make my condo feel like a new home.  Having struggled with organization and overwhelmed at knowing there were many things in my home needing a review, I found Jeanne’s energy and design sense to be “just what the doctor ordered,” a godsend. With her at my elbow, I was able to partner with Jeanne to get things done. I told Jeanne her services were “worth every dime.” My condo is now more airy and a reflection of my new self!

–Mary Jane, Rockville, MD

Jeanne was recommended by a mutual friend. My experience with Jeanne was terrific. Over several appointments, she helped me discard, re-organize and re-stage two floors of the house with  remarkable results. I feel a great burden has been lifted off my shoulders, and the house looks great.  Jeanne will remove books and things for Goodwill  as well as advise where you can sell furniture/clothes. Many boxes were removed for shredding too! I highly recommend her.

–Susan, Northern Virginia

Jeanne is a true professional. I am downsizing because eventually I wanted to move from my four bedroom house. But even if I didn’t want to move, I knew I had too much stuff. She is very analytical and truly makes your think about whether or not you need all those cake pans or not. (I didn’t) But she also helps you get rid of the stuff. She will pack stuff up and take it away to a donation site and bring you the receipt. I am now able to find what I need in my kitchen, and all my other rooms. After several visits, I was very pleased about the amount of stuff I got out of my house.

–Patricia, Washington D.C.

Jeanne is a superb organizer.  She was always professional and on the each time I met with her. She was able to help me declutter and maximize the space in my garage.  She also took away items that were no longer needed and ensured they went to organizations that would give them to people who could use them.  She also helped me to stay on track with boxes I needed to go through.  I would highly recommend her services.

Yazmine, Capital Heights, MD

Jeanne has been of immeasurable assistance both in organizing a home office and clearing out items from an estate. She knows how and where to place items with organizations that can use the goods.

In less than a month, she completely cleared out a two-bedroom apartment, working with the management of the building to schedule pick-ups, label items that were to be distributed within the building and even taking furniture and other items herself to Goodwill. To say she’s organized would be an understatement.

Jeanne rolls up her sleeves when there is hard work to be done and works efficiently.  She makes the job go quickly.  Her rates are very reasonable. As a plus, she has an eye for color and can advise on how to make a space work once it is cleaned up.  She’s a joy to work with!

        –Anne, Chevy Chase, MD