New Jersey Townhouse

MB closet - AFTER

Newly organized master bedroom closet

LJ was ready to sell her New Jersey townhouse. But her realtor recommended organizing some problem areas before listing it for sale.

What was done: Closets can quickly become overstuffed and chaotic, and such was the case with the ones in LJ’s place.

Home office - AFTER

Home office – AFTER

We went through the front hall closet as well as the one in the master bedroom, filling bags with coats, clothes and shoes to be given away. The rest was neatly hung and like was paired with like (dresses with dresses, pants with pants, etc). We added plastic boxes to display her shoes in an orderly way.  

LJ’s home office overflowed with mail, magazines, bills and more. We spent half a day going through all of it. Much of it went into the shred and recycle boxes while files were created for the rest. With that done, we rearranged and staged the room

Next came most challenging project: her son’s bedroom. Clothes, video games, comic books and more covered every surface.  

Son's bedroom - AFTER

Son’s bedroom – AFTER

It was slow going, but in the end all of the clothes were either hung or put away in dressers and everything else was sorted and stored in plastic bins. I was mindful of the fact that the bedroom had to be organized in a way that her son could easily maintain.

LJ’s bathrooms looked fine until one opened the drawers and cabinets.  Would-be-buyers like to check out the storage space and no one wants to see grungy and overflowing spaces. Old and half-used toiletries were tossed, the countertops were cleared and every drawer and shelf was cleaned.

The result: LJ got an offer on her place within days of putting it on the market.