My Services

Are you ready to be more organized? Do you yearn for more functional and efficient spaces in your home or at work? Are you, or a loved one, ready to downsize and wondering where to start? Or do you feel your current decor is dated and uninspiring?

Your Space Made to Order, which is based in the Washington D.C. area,  can help. I combine a passion for order with smart space planning and functional design. I’m resourceful, budget-conscious and nonjudgmental, and offer thoughtful and creative solutions to help clients accomplish their goals.

Services include:

Organizing and Decluttering: Have a bedroom, closet, kitchen or other space that’s cramped, crowded and doesn’t serve your needs? I’ll help you decide what to keep, toss or donate, as well as how to make the best use of the space. If paper clutter is an issue, I’ll propose solutions so that bills, magazines and even school notices don’t overwhelm available surfaces. And I’ll show you how to make the best use of physical and electronic storage solutions so that important documents, such as tax information, are always at hand.

Downsizing/Move Management: If you’re ready to move to a smaller space or helping a loved one transition to a senior living facility, I’ll assist with deciding what to keep, and then help to sell or donate the rest. If desired, I’ll pack and unpack your possessions, put together floor plans and create more space in problem areas, including closets and bathrooms.

Planning to sell a house or condo?  I’ll suggest and supervise cost-effective upgrades for maximum appeal to would-be buyers, including kitchen and bath facelifts, fresh paint and updated light fixtures.

Space Planning/Design Refresh: I’ll rearrange and repurpose your furniture to create better flow and more functional space. This could include adding or subtracting furniture to better serve your needs, or adding built-ins. If you’re ready to update and refresh any part of your living space, I’ll create a custom design plan to fit your budget.

I help clients break down organizational challenges into manageable chunks and then work alongside them to speed results. Recognizing that no single method works for everyone, I suggest systems and solutions for ongoing use.
So, are you ready to be more organized? Contact me today so I can help with your organizational needs.